Jillian's passions for illustration, story-telling, and language were evident from an early age. 

With education and experience in visual arts and written communications, she was inspired to found Polished Page, LLC: a visual communications design company committed to ensuring comprehension and authentic expression through the polished presentation of content.


After Trayten disappeared from Dorset in the winter of 1901, Katherine spent the next eight years searching for him.

She never imagined she would find him like this: confined to a wheelchair on the island of Alderney with no memory of her or their turbulent past. Now, the brilliant painter who once loved her is a hollow shell of the man she once knew.

But Katherine is determined to restore Trayten’s memory, uncover the mystery of his disappearance, and obtain absolution for her calamitous past mistakes. She will contend with his resistance to recovery and also with Marian, the possessive caretaker who is unwilling to let him go.

Convinced she can find restoration, Katherine will try to bring Trayten back, clinging to the belief that love, like the spring, will unfailingly conquer the coldest of winters.

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Once upon a time back in 1980s, a precocious little girl decided, based on the fact that she ate, slept, and breathed WORDS and PICTURES, that she was a writer and an artist. 

It was the very first truth she became conscious of and one that has followed her throughout life.

Writing stories and drawing pictures came as naturally as breathing. 

Likewise, it was as necessary. 

Stories became novels, pictures became paintings, and the little girl continued to develop her talents with an insatiable drive for perfection.

After graduating high school, Jillian became a mother. For the next two decades, she kept busy raising kids, marrying the love of her life, completing her Bachelor’s degree, and working in human resource management.

In 2017, midway through her human resource management career, Jillian explored working as a freelance writer on the side. 

For, while human resources was something that she understood and apparently did well, she knew that it was not her forever career.

That belonged to the realm of writing.

Jillian began building the foundation of what would would eventually become Polished Page, LLC

The first iteration of the company was called Pen to Page Ink and focused on copywriting. 

She had completed two copywriting jobs in 2018, when a new human resource management job opportunity usurped her freelance career pursuit for the next several years.

The new role required ample time and energy, yet provided invaluable experience and professional development.

All the while, Jillian continued to write and edit her novels, dedicated to the goal of becoming a published author: a goal she set at seven years old. 

In 2019, while working full-time in HR, Jillian queried one of her shortest novels, Eighth Winter, for publication. 

It was picked up by Melange Books, LLC after fourteen rejections from other publishers. 

Eighth Winter was published in June 2021.

During the approximately eighteen-month publication process, Jillian worked closely with the editors and proofreader at Melange Books, LLC. Jillian served as the final proofreader before publication of the book. 

Meanwhile, she worked through two proofreading certificate courses in order to deepen her technical understanding of editing and proofreading.


After publishing her novel and working for several years at the top of her department in human resources, Jillian was determined to continue building her freelance business.

By the summer of 2021, she realized that her lifelong passion for WORDS and PICTURES and her refined editing skills made her an apt person to offer copywriting, editing, and proofreading services to other writers. 

She knew she wanted to help other writers present their best, most polished works to the world! 


In early 2022, circumstances beyond her control forced Jillian to take some time away from human resource management. This allowed her the opportunity to focus all efforts on completing the construction and grand opening of Polished Page, LLC.

And so she did.

Jillian put together a business designed to help writers improve and enhance their messages.

Now, Polished Page, LLC exists to improve comprehension through the polished presentation of visual communications. 


Qualified to help with the ABCs of writing: Academic, Creative, and Business

So, all kinds of writing. 

As a writer, Jillian is sensitive to the CREATIVE process and respectful of a writer’s individual style, voice, and goals. 

Even more than being a writer, she has pushed herself to look at writing analytically. 

As an editor and proofreader, she is able to examine writing through the various filters of convention. She is constantly developing and strengthening her understanding of the English language, including the nuances in dialect between UK, Australian, and US English. 

She’s a lover of the English language and a student of Le Français. 

As a human resource professional, Jillian had the pleasure of creating, editing, and publishing a myriad of professional BUSINESS content. Such content included job descriptions, web content, employee handbooks, company policies, contracts, training manuals, business cases, C-suite presentations, newsletters, social media content, advertisements, flyers, letters of recommendation, etc.

With a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, a concentration in education, and minors in psychology and child development, Jillian has understanding of and experience in ACADEMIC writing, especially in the subjects of the humanities.


SHRM-CP, Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional

Professional Proofreader Certificate, Knowadays/Proofreading Academy

General Proofreading: Theory & Practice, BCP Media/Proofread Anywhere, Inc. 

Graphic Design Specialization, Cal Arts

Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour, London Business School

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content, University of Pennsylvania



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