Everybody Laugh Now

I tend to think, because it has been my experience, that it can get especially grim in the corporate world, in the business office setting. Of course business is business and that is a serious thing. And because we are adults we must be practical and functional to get our jobs done.

It’s just that there are moments, or days, or longer increments of time when the grind can get you down. The pressures, the deadlines, the issues that need to be resolved. The reporting, the accounting, the angry customer, the unpleasant co-worker. It piles up and weighs us down until we are tense, stressed, and ready to loose that obsequious finesse! Our patience is tested. Our faith in the goodness of humankind is strained.

Here’s where laughter saves me from the brink.

I have this little visualization trick that I’ve used for over 15 years, in my various roles in the corporate world. No matter the situation, no matter the level of difficulty in the people around me, it never fails to make me chuckle.

So maybe it’s childish. A daydream of sorts. And maybe it’s just ridiculous wishful thinking, but I like to imagine everyone I work with and for, from the client to the head boss…dancing.

In my mind’s eye I put everyone in a room, a relevant room like the conference room or the sales floor. And there I picture everyone together gettin’ down to something over the top like “Everybody Dance Now.”

Nothing inappropriate. Nothing lewd. Just unpolished, all-out, dance like nobody’s watching dance moves. Dancing like kids who don’t care.

That sad guy with his arms overhead, shaking his hips like an orangutan. Various co-workers sporting classic moves like “the shopping cart” and “the sprinkler” with excited fervor. A little clumsy break dancing on the floor, the accountant doing the worm, the CFO fist pumping, the grumpiest person you know doing the twist while biting their lower lip in elated concentration.

Everyone is serious-about dancing! No one is concerned about how they look. We, (and yes, I put myself in the fun too) we dance like it’s the last thing we’ll ever do. Like the bottom line depends on it. Like that big promotion hinges on how big the dance moves get.

Suit blazers fly open like Michael Jackson’s glittery jacket in the path of a wind machine. Shoes fall off and once neatly placed hair hangs in eyes. And the faces, the fervent, determined, twisted up and wide grinning faces are the icing on the comical cake.

I don’t know. Maybe that sounds a bit strange. But I guess that’s the entire point! It makes me chuckle EVERY TIME! It has this way of easing the tension and brightening the dim, when everything and everyone around me is plodding along in grave solemnity.

It gives me the power to smile at the stern faces that might have before made me uneasy. Because I like to think that they would find it as amusing as I do. I like to think that if we all could drop everything for a dance break, uninhibited and unrestrained by pressures and self-consciousness, and share some ridiculous dance, it could bring us together as one, like kids with no worry in the world and no thought other than to have fun.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Try it sometime when the grind gets you down!

Back when MTV was a place for music videos, I saw this gem by Fatboy Slim. I think it must have inspired my dancing vision. And it delights me to this day!

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