Dear Reader,

Updated: May 4

It was a difficult choice: to go through with publishing my novel, Eighth Winter.

Now, the consequences shall be what they will.

For, it may be entirely misunderstood, or, it may relay something finer.

Either way, I can’t know.

I can only let it go: to succeed or fail.

I can hope that it will strike a chord in the heart for good, for truth, for love.

I will hope that it can elicit a laugh, or several. And if it inspires any tears, I hope they will be the evidence of a softened heart.

What is Eighth Winter about?

This question has never been an easy one for me to answer. In the simplest explanation, it’s a love story: a picture painted, made of allegory and symbolism, truth and fiction.

A cautionary fairytale.

A dual-timeline, historical fiction novel set between 1900 and 1909 in England and Alderney, respectively.

The first draft was written within one year, from 2000 – 2001. It was penned longhand and fit in one college-ruled, spiral-bound notebook. Although the plot has remained in order, as it was originally drafted in ink, I have worked at it over the course of the last twenty years: transcribing it from longhand and editing, revising, cutting, repairing, and polishing it.

I could have continued editing it forever, never fully satisfied; however, something of publishing a work requires one to stop rearranging it at some point in time.

And that time has come.

All final edits are in and I await its release, come what may.

While it has grown up with me, it retains the pathos and passion of the youth from whence it first originated. Over the years, the lessons that time will teach, regarding personal responsibility, loyalty, and truth have surfaced in the work, as in my own life.

Like the record of my past, it’s no perfect tale. It’s rather filled with troubles, failures, and the misadventures of selfish ambition.

But more importantly, as in my own life and in every life, there is a way to peace, hope, and restoration.

Even for the reckless, even for the rebellious, even out of the worst self-inflicted circumstances, even for people like me.

If you take the time to read Eighth Winter, I thank you.

If you appreciate it, of course, I would be grateful if you leave a review, in any of the common book review places. Check back here on my website or visit my Facebook author page for updates on pre-order, release date, and places to buy and review the book.

And, if it fails to meet your expectations, still, I thank you for taking the time to read it, whether in whole or in part.

Thank you, Dear Reader.

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