From my front porch

Musings from a writer's journal

Peace was realized from my front porch.

The world is alive in summer. Songs on the air, crying of life!

The earth’s bounty grows up at our feet, surrounds us, cradles us.

This kind of calm reminds me to settle my mind.

Let go!

I tell myself that this is my peace, this is my wilderness, this is my painting season.

My time in spiritual, mental solitude, not sacrificing my creativity to lend mental energies to unworthy tasks.

In loving care, nurturing my family, my home.

Expanding my mind with new knowledge.

Creating once again my art, my writing, the worlds that have been in a forced hibernation.

Now is my season of artistic rebirth, rediscovery of myself and rededication to my family.

What the mind, yet echoing the programmed responses to life with stress, dread, exhaustion, and fear, cannot fully understand is that there are none of these evils to conquer me now.

There is only peace, freedom, love, and art.

Jillian Kae

July 2008

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