Musings from a writer's journal
Early Poetry
Best friends, Jillian and August 1997.
Jilli and Augi

Tonight we will journey into the wood!

We’ve gathered all the supplies we could.

We will sleep beneath the stars above

surrounded by warmth and harmonious love.

No matter the noises that haunt our ears,

we will be safe, from all of our fears.

In Windsor Fort we will stake our claim,

render it under our pride and name.

Who knows, we may see sprites aglow

as we listen to the lake beside us flow.

The night wears on, and I grow tired.

August over there, with fright, is wired.

Rachel’s snoozing away on the floor.

Augi stands with a flashlight at the door.

I am sitting awake with a smile.

It has been a good long while.

Michael is teasing poor frightened Augi.

He’s eating a sandwich that’s got rather soggy.

“Go to sleep!” I tell them both.

“We promised we’d stay, and that is an oath!

“Tomorrow will come, we can frolic and play,

maybe go swimming in the heat of the day.

This is our time, to conquer this wood,

show to the world that we will do good.

“So let’s do as we please while we are free,

we might not have another chance, don’t you see?”

They smiled and came over to where I sat.

We threw a blanket over us saying, “That’s that.”

Through the cold night we slept, nice and warm,

not once attacked by that crazy bee swarm.

Morning arrived, fragrant and cool.

We ate some Pop Tarts and sat on a stool.

The sun came up, high above it all.

We took a dip with not even one fall.

The water was deep, up to my chin,

The middle was warm, the mud was thin.

The boat floated somehow and we swam a lot,

We got more wet than we had sought.

Even our hair was plastered and wet.

We swam all the time that we could get.

So, finally we are back in school.

I feel my mind begin to drool.

But every time I think of that night,

Surrounding me is a warm soft light.

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