Put the finishing touches on your project with professional proofreading services.

Before your work is published or shared, proofreading ensures there are no errors left over from the editing process.

At this stage, your writing has been edited, revised, edited, and even revised some more until it’s near perfection.

Now, a different set of eyes will safeguard your credibility by scanning and marking errors even the most meticulous editor can miss.

No further changes to content, structure, or flow are made during proofreading. Errors are marked for correction and comments are added for the author where needed. The draft is virtually ready to go out the door once the final review, the proofread, is complete.

When you feel it’s ready to be posted or published, it’s time for a proofreader!

IMG_0120 5_edited.jpg

A final inspection to catch any errors before your writing is ready for the world.